Limited Time Only FREE 1-5 Days Shipping - USA Warehouse
Limited Time Only FREE 1-5 Days Shipping - USA Warehouse

About Us

Fishing Goes Wild is a community of fishermen which improved the shopping experience of fishing gear to the highest level!

Fishing is our favorite hobby, most of us spend a lot of money and time in fishing stores, even though we love fishing we go tired of the old, boring and mess gear shops that offer the same unstylish design and of course low-quality products.

We found this problem a solution that`s why we started to work on this project two years ago and gathered all of the missing details in the ordinary gear stores to build you the perfect shopping experience

Our research concluded few points to lead us to our vision:

  • First of all, using only the best quality products on the market.
  • Friendly design 
  • Personal and professional client service
  • Professional content and articles.
  • Building not just a regular shop, our target is building a whole fishing community.
  • Comfortable prices
  • Free shipping on all the products!

After almost a year of challenges and building, we are excited to introduce to you our new shop! 

on our site, you will find the best gear for your fishing time, everything from rods to bags and even a professional scale.

Explore our site, enjoy every moment and if you see something missing contact us and we will make our best to improve it.

Thank you for your time, always here for you Fishing Goes Wild team!

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